Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Very First Post - Ever

I created this blog several months ago and I've been waiting for the perfect blog entry to start things off. After months and months of waiting, I realize there is no perfect start and to just get on with it already. So, I'm taking the leap into the blogging fad.

My goal with this blog is to be an educational resource for parents about how microorganisms affect their kids from pregnancy to adulthood. I was inspired by several mommy boards in which participants asked some tough questions and got horrible, if not dangerous, information in response. A post on a message board is just not enough space to explain microbiology for the uninitiated, so here I am. If only one person finds this blog useful, I would say it is a success. I also have a selfish reason to write this blog as a means to develop my communication skills for an audience outside of academia.

I plan to start with the basics and then start addressing the more complex questions. A free basic microbiology course online combined with discussion if you will. There is enough gray areas in microbiology to make for very interesting discussions once the vocabulary is mastered and generating this type of discussion is another one of my goals. I learn a lot from my students and is one of my favourite things about my job as a university instructor.

I always welcome constructive criticism and questions for topics for discussion. I have set the comments to moderation just because I plan on dealing with some controversial topics and I've been attacked online before. This doesn't mean I'll censor anyone that disagrees with me. It means that I'll censor inappropriate comments that do not serve the educational purpose of this blog. Disagree in a respectful way, and I guarantee that your post will be approved. No name-calling and be sure to support your position with evidence.

I should also note that I'm not a medical doctor and have no clinical experience. I cannot diagnose or prescribe and the content of this blog should not be construed to be personal medical advice. If you have a concern about your child's health, take him/her to a real doctor.

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